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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? 

Nowadays, children rely too much on the technology, like computers, smart phones, video games for fun and entertainment. Some people believe that playing simpler toys or playing outside with friends would be better for the children’s development.








Since techonolgical advancement has resulted in the invention of a range of electoric products, as a result of which a growing number of children are reported to heavily rely on the techonoly, nearly all parents will be confronted with an inevitable question: do you prefer to give children more time on technological gadgets or other activites, such as travelling and camping? As for me, I opt for the former one. 


To begin with, children can have access to a wider world and develop a better way of resolving problems from techonolgical applicances. For one thing, the impending Fourth Industrial Revolution heralds unprecedented changes in every aspect of our life, and there is no doubt that electronic devices, such as computers and smartphones, are sure avenues that can guarantee younger generation to keep pace with the latest trend. Well equipped with updated information, children can make better decision about what capabilities and qualities are in urgent need so as to be accustomed to the ever-chaning world. Besides, children today are requied to accomplish complicated assignments, and the Internet is a thorough database with exhaustive references they can resort to. If  students are requested to do a task about the historical significance of the assassination of president Abraham Lincoln beyond textbooks, they can seek help from educational programs like TED, which is designated to present lectures given by the most eminent professors throughout the world. Obviously, relying on techonoly is of great benefit for children not merely in that it affords youngsters more information about the world but also it assists them in dealing with problem encountered in their study, which is definitedly not available only by playing simpler toys. 


On top of that, videos games are designed to be increasingly demanding, which cultivates corresponding capacities. More specifically, many games, aiming at stimulating children’s imagination, developing their leadership, and relieving their pressures, occur in markets. Almost everyone has heard of or even played the classic game--world of warcraft, which is produced by Blizzard, the most famous game producer of the world. In this game, players alone can not enter some large 40-player raid to complete a huge mission, so they must gather into a group with different careers such as warriors, priests, and warlocks. Only with a suitable career configuration and good communication among players can they accomplish the complicated missions. In this sense, the game does offer children a perfect platform to improve their abilities of communications, teamwork and leadership; meanwhile it serves as an antidote to the boredom that heavy school burdens bring forth. 


Consequently, playing videos games on computers and smartphones is a better choice for students to entertain themselves both in nurturing new skills and reducing stresses.  


Granted, playing simpler toys or practicing outside activities with friends might be a good option for children’s development, for they are more conducive to teenagers’ physical health, particularly their eyesight. However, there is a possibility that children may be injured while doing sports if they lack oppornities to do exercises regularly or prepare themselves inadequately. In contrast, playing techonology-based devices can diminish the chances of being injured. Additionally, that children are allowed to play computers or smartphones in a limited period of time will casue little or no harm to their sight. 


In summary, although opinions towards better development are split, I still contend that reliance on techonology to entertain is benefical for children. When it comes to children’s growth, how can one possibly deny the merits of cutting-edge techonology, which are broader visions and all-sided abilities, that playing toys or playing outside with mates fail to offer?








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  • gadget  n. 小玩意儿

    an often small mechanical or electronic device with a practical use


  • impending adj. 即将出现的

    to be about to happen


  • herald  v. 标志、预示

    a sign that something will happen


  • unprecedented adj. 前所未有的

    not done or experienced before


  • avenue n. 途径手段

    a way of achieving something or of reaching a goal


  • configuration n.布局

    the way the parts of something are arranged


  • antidote  n. 解药

    something that corrects or improves the bad effects of something